about us

Two entrepreneurs with a passion for a great spa experience, the earth, the ocean and a clean, healthy lifestyle have developed a product that they LOVE so much they just had to share it.

“Together with my business partner, we developed the Cleanse range of Body Scrubs and Body Creams,” says Jamie Mascall, co-owner and developer Dermacleanse. “We included pure natural ingredients, the highest grade and generous quantity of aromatherapy oils and powerful botanical extracts with a generous helping of love and care. We love it and our growing customer base do too. Our pay-offline is ‘Love your skin” and that’s what Cleanse is all about.”

“We have combined our wealth of experience and knowledge regarding the correct combination of salts, botanical extracts and aromatherapy oils to develop this range,” adds Storm Mascall, co-owner and developer at Dermacleanse. “We are confident that our products benefit the exterior surface of the skin, but we love that it also uplifts one’s mood, cleansing mind, body and soul.”

“Having had grandparents that were both a skin therapist and pharmacist, they passed on their combined wealth of experience and knowledge as to the power of combing salts and essential oils. They taught us how the correct combination salts, botanical extracts, aromatherapy oils and creams may benefit the exterior surface of the skin, but can also uplift mood, literally cleansing your body and soul.

We both have an absolute passion for a good spa experience, and wanted to ensure that we created a product, which gave us the results we experienced when visiting some of the top health spa’s in the world. We now handcraft and mix each body scrub individually to deliver the result we would want. We strive for each product to have a hard enough salt base to exfoliate properly in order take off dead skin cells. We combine a generous amount of the purest essential carrier and aromatherapy oils to uplift mood and add the finest blend of botanical extracts to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin.”

The Cleanse range is carefully blended in a handmade, quality controlled process ensuring each product is filled with the highest grade of perfectly textured crushed salts, coconut oil, pure aromatherapy oils and natural softening agents to leave one’s skin cleansed, resurfaced and moisturised.

We are very passionate about this beautiful earth and how we can bring the power of its plants, salts and natural resources into our lives. We strive to live a cleansed, organic, healthy life. We also love animals and can assure you that we have checked that all the products and suppliers we use share this philosophy. We are also aiming to make a difference to fight the battle to keep our Rhino’s alive by donating R1 from each product sold.

Dermacleanse is available at Wellness Warehouse Kloof, Constantia and the Waterfront, as well as select health shops and spas in the Western Cape. The range is also available online at beautyworx.co.za and of course right here.